Hello and thanks for visiting my page. Please take the time to look around. I have been producing and editing videos for many years. I specialize in documentary style productions.

More people are shooting and editing than ever due to the reduced cost of equipment and the many advances in software editing programs that have made the process much simpler. It all comes down to time and money. My latest project requires a lot of time and expense. Life has taken me away from my craft and if you are a fan and like my work think about contributing.

Visit my My Go Fund Me Page I will be very generous to those that are generous to me.

For those of you willing to contribute count on a solid return. Browse my library of work and I can dub off to DVD or provide Digital Downloads of my popular footage.

So far its just a dream, an idea that I find worthy of my time. I hope you can share my dream.  Share my story with your friends and keep checking my page.

Please take a look at the promo film for “The Circle Unbroken”

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