Professional Video Photography and Event Production in the classic broadcast journalism style.  I let the pictures and the people tell the story.  Bring in a “hired gun” for your next big event.  Sports, Parties, Weddings, and More offers a complete DVD Authoring Service and can create just the right design for your project. Motion Backgrounds, embedded video and custom icons are just some of the many available features. maintains a large collection of productions, Library Clips and Stock Footage


Complete Documentaries are available on DVD:

  • East Coast Motions Volume 1
  • From the Outer Banks to Outer Space
  • Hatteras Surf Feast
  • Romancing the Storms
  • Snowshoe Crew ’92
  • Eastern Extreme
  • OBX-Beach TV (1987-1991)
  • Offshore with Sammy Moore
  • Tri-State Travel with Mark Davis
  • Shooting the Steelers (Superbowl XXX Season)
  • Tournament ’87 (Nags Head Surf Fishing Tournament)

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